Dove’s Wings

Dove’s Wings Emulating symmetry, and to represent the importance of balance in nature. Paper Sculpture, 2018 16” in diameter $250 Read More

Skull Face

Skull Face Finding beauty in the face of death. Paper Sculpture 14”x14” $250 Read More

Prey Mantis

Prey Mantis A royal among bugs, the mantis has a quality shared by few. The Prey Mantis is a paper sculpture including translucent paper. Paper Sculpture, 2018 14”x17” $500 Read More


Ant A pesky bug has beautiful patterns. Nested on recycled pieces of paper. Paper Sculpture, 2018 5”x7” $250 Read More

Simplified Scorpion

Simplified Scorpion Abstracted scorpion mounted on a painted canvas. Paper Sculpture, 2018 16”x 20” $400 Read More

Ram Skull

Ram Skull Mounted on a wooden canvas. Paper Sculpture, 2019 18"x18" $400 Read More


Jellyfish Jellyfish sculpt with a body fit for artificial lighting. Mixed material piece. Paper Sculpture, 2018 16”x24” $250 Read More


Honeycomb Flowers blooming out of honeycombs. Mounted on a wooden frame. Paper Sculpture, 2018 20”x24" Not for sale Read More

Low-Res Cactus

Low-Res Cactus Low res shaped desert cactus, with flowers dispersed throughout. Mix of green and white paper mounted on a wooden canvas. Paper Sculpture, 2018 22”x24" $500 Read More